If you have a Mushroom Observer account, and would like to sync your observations to Mushroom Observer, follow these directions:

Step 1. Login to Mushroom Mapper

Login to Mushroom Mapper, or register for an account if you don't have one already.

Step 2. Go to your User Profile

Under the user menu dropdown, click on "My Profile". Then click "Edit Profile".

Step 3. Connect your Mushroom Observer Account

Near the bottom of the page, you will see a section titled "Mushroom Observer". Enter your Mushroom Observer username in the space provided, then click "Connect Account". When your Mushroom Observer account has been connected, you will recieve an email with an activation link. You must click the activation link in the email for syncing to work.

Step 4. Sync Observations

You can now sync your observations to Mushroom Observer. To sync an individual observation, click the "Sync with Mushroom Observer" button as shown below.

To sync multiple observations at once, go to the "My Observations" page and select which observations you would like to sync, and then click the "Sync with Mushroom Observer" button as shown below.

Some observations, particulary those with a lot of high quality photos, may take a long time to sync. Syncing takes place in the background, so leaving the page or closing the browser will not affect the process.

The status of syncing observations will be shown as one of the following symbols in the "My Observations" table:

You will have to refresh the page for the status to update.

Synced observations will show up in your Mushroom Observer account. If an observation fails to sync, it could mean that Mushroom Observer does not recognize the mushroom name or a form field is missing. If this happens, you can edit the observation and try to sync again.

Michigan Technological University is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of data or content of unrelated information in the posted data as it is being collected and submitted by independent third parties.