Are your coffee plants at risk for the Roya Fungus?

La Roya is a fungus destroying millions of dollars worth of coffee in Mexico. If you are a coffee farmer, you can determine your degree of risk of La Roya infection by finding your farm’s location on a risk level map. This website works online and offline.


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This website is a tool for determining the risk of the La Roya fungus in coffee fields throughout Mexico. The La Roya fungus was the cause of a large loss of crop production, and the damange this fungus is causing is damaging the coffee market.

This website will use your location in order to evaluate your risk for the fungus to your coffee plants. It will also provide information as to how you can help protect your crops against the fungus.

INECOL has been the team leader in helping convert this a map into this application for the coffee sector in Mexico, which has been developed by an MTU team of programmers.