Learn About the Roya Fungus

Why is Coffee Important to Mexico?

  • It is the most important source of agricultural exchange and also the most exported
  • The income of 3 millions of Mexicans depends on it
  • It is a key element in the local economies of the producing regions

When did La Roya Appear?

  • In 2012 an outbreak of Roya fungus reappeared after 31 years
  • The current outbreak is the worst seen in Central America and Mexico
  • Possibly it is going to cause serious damage to coffee production

What Damage can La Roya Cause?

  • It causes premature leaf drop
  • It reduces the photosynthetic capacity of the plant
  • It weakens diseased plants
  • It can cause the death of branches and even of the whole plant

Who We Are

The COFUPRO, AGROSEFIN And INIFAP joined forces to develop a methodology to assess the level of Roya risk in Mexico, define the main stages for the presence or absence of this fungus in each year, meet the producer's perspective on this problem and propose a quantitative method of sampling incidence and severity.

How We Calculated the Roya Fungus Risk Levels for Mexico

Phase 1

  • Favorable climate for the fungus
  • Forming, processing and analysis of climate databases
  • Graphic-visual information analysis

Phase 2

  • Favorable days [IDF]
  • Potential periods [IPP]
  • Plantings [ISS]
  • Risk Index coffee rust [IR]

Phase 3

  • Incorporation index to a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Spatial interpolation of point indices.
  • Digital Map Library of the spatial distribution of the risk of infection from coffee rust in Mexico.

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