Find Your Location

To determine the risk level for your farm, click on the Check Your Location button on the main page of this website. Clicking this button will take you to a page with a map of Mexico. There are three different ways to tell the app the location of your farm:

  1. If you are currently standing somewhere in your farm in Mexico, you can click the Find your location button. This button will fill in the latitude and longitude boxes with your current location.
  2. Type in the latitude and longitude of your farm into the boxes labed latitude and longitude under the Map Coordinates headline.
  3. Drag the red pointer on the map to the location of your farm. Stop dragging the red pointer once it is on your farm and it will fill in the latitude and longitude boxes.

Once the latitude and longitude boxes have the correct coordinates, click on the button that says Submit this location. The website will then tell you the risk level for getting the Roya Fugus and it will also give you advice for lowering your risk level.