2012 Backpacking in Sierras

This trip was the first backpacking trip that we camped off the trail and explored cross country. The backpacking trip consisted of three trips. The first trip started in Twin Lakes, August 8, 2012 and ended at Twin Lakes, Ausgust 14, 2012. During the first trip, we hiked with our friends and went over Buckeye Pass, Seavey Pass, Benson Pass, Burro Pass, and Mule Pass. We also climbed Matterhorn Peak. We camped at Twin Lakes, Peeler Lake, Benson Lake, Matterhorn Canyon, unnamed lakes in Slide Canyon, unnamed lake in Robinson Creek Canyon. The second trip started in White Wolf, August 15, 2012 and ended in Tuolumne Valley, August 19, 2012. We hiked the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne and climbed Mount Hoffman. We camped at White Wolf, Plate Valley, Glen Aulin, May Lake and Tuolumne Meadow. The third trip started at Tuolumne Meadows, August 20, 2012 and ended in Yousomite Valley, August 27, 2012. We went over Tuolumne Pass, climbed Vogelsang Peak, climbed Post Peak Pass and went over Red Peak Pass. We camped at Vogelsang Lake, Lyell Fork (on trail), Lyell Fork Meadow (off trail), lake 10005 below Post Peak, Lower Ottoway Lake, Illiloutte Creek, Yosemite Valley.