2013 Cross Country Hiking Trip in Sierras

This cross country backing packing trip is a historic trip for me because it was my first cross country trip. It started at South Lake (Bishop Pass Trailhead), July 26, 2013 and ended at Shepard Pass Trailhead, August, 20, 2013. During the first section, we went over Bishop Pass, Knapsack Pass, Potluck Pass, Chimney Pass, Mather Pass, Arrow Pass, and the South Ridge of Pyramid Peak. We camped at Saddlerock Lake, Lower Lake of Dusy Basin, Lake Southeast of Potluck Pass, South Upper Basin, Tarn Southwest of Bench Lake, Lower Lake on Arrow Creek, on South Fork of the Kings in Paradise Valley, and at Roads End. The second section we went over Granite Pass, Gray Pass, White Pass (up to Red Pass), and back over White and Gray Pass to go over Goat Crest Saddle and Grouse Lake Pass. We camped at Lower Tent Meadow, Granite Lake, North Horseshoe Lake, below Red Pass, Tarn West of Gray Pass, Upper Glacier Lake, Grouse Lake and at Cedar Grove we stayed at the lodge. The third section we went over Avalanche Pass, Elizabeth Pass, Keweah Gap, and Shepherd Pass. We camped at Sphinx Creek, Ranger Meadow in Dead's Man Canyon, Lone Pine Creek, Big Arroyo, Kern Hot Spring, Bighorn Plateau, and Mahogany Flat.