2015 Cross Country Hiking Trip in Sierras

The cross country trip began July 27, 2015 at Pine Creek Trailhead and ended August 15, 2015 at Dana Meadows trailhead. During the first section, we went over Italy Pass, Dancing Bear Pass, White Bear Pass, Gabbot Pass, and Mono Pass. We camped at Honeymoon Lake, Black Bear Lake (2 nights), Toe Lake, Mono Creek and Pioneer Basin Trail Junction, and resupplied at Rock Creek Lake Campground. During the second section, we went over Mono Pass, Bighorn Pass, Shout of Relief Pass, and Deer Pass. We camped at Mono Creek and Laurel Creek trail junction, a tarn below Bighorn Pass, Lake Virginia, Purple Lake, Deer Lakes, and resupplied at Reds Meadow. During the third section, we went over Iceberg Pass, up to Ritter Pass, Whitebark Pass, Garnet Pass, up to North Glacier Pass, Agnew Pass, Gem Pass, Koip Pass, and Parker Pass. We camped at Minaret Lake, a meadow above Ediza Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Gem Lake, the first tarn on the North side of Koip Peak Pass, and ended the trip at Dana Meadows trailhead.