My projects focus on making usable software for real clients. The software ranges from web to mobile apps, and clients are from industry, governments and academia from around the world. The software is the result of efforts from many students across disciplines and years.

Mobile Citizen Science

Michigan Tech's Mobile Environmental Citizen Science and Science projects create mobile and web-based apps to collect environmental information. The apps are designed and developed by Michigan Tech students in corporation of scientists from around the world. Our goals are to (a) put mobile and web-based tools in the hands of citizens and scientists for collecting natural and social environmental data and (b) encourage students to solve environmental problems by engaging them in real-world projects with scientists as collaborators.

Humane Interface Design Enterprise

The Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) is a Michigan Tech Enterprise with expertise in the design, development and evaluation of mobile apps. HIDE is a full service Enterprise for mobile development with students from Computer Science, Humanities, Psychology, Engineering and Business. HIDE has made mobile apps for automotive and health industries, and scientists.