My research focuses on the design, develop and evaluation of mobile application software. My goal is to improve both the usability of mobile apps and the process of developing them. I am interested in real effects and products. Consequently, much of my research is done in the "wild" with agile teams developing real products for real clients.

Offline Web App Development

HTML5 JavaScript API enables browsers to cache resources and store data on mobile devices. These features allow web apps to function offline, without an Internet connection. My research in website design and development explores the opportunities and constraints of offline web apps.

Mobile User Experience

Product designers currently design the total experience with their products. My research focuses on mobile usability, user interface design and interaction. It includes the design, development and evaluation of software and user interfaces for mobile devices.

Transdisciplinary Education

Modern software is developed by agile teams compose of members with diverse skills and from a variety of disciplines. My research in software development and education studies the transdisciplinary teams and explores the learning opportunities that transdisciplinary teamwork provides.