Humane Interface Design Enterprise

Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) is Michigan Tech's Enterprise specializing in mobile app design, development and evaluation. HIDE is a "full stack" group, with students from Computer Science, Psychology, Humanities and other disciplines. HIDE is organized as a small corporation with two teams. The Development team focuses on implementing user interfaces and developing new interaction techniques. The Evaluation team conducts usability tests on the apps developed by the Development team and on clients' apps. Both teams participate in designing the apps. HIDE teams practice modern human-centered design and agile software development processes. For more Information, you can visit their website:

During Chrysler's sponsorship, HIDE evaluated the effects of driver distraction using U-Connect. U- Connect is the dashboard touchscreen on newer Chrysler models. Also during the sponsorship, HIDE's development team made a low fidelity driving simulator. HIDE also developed and evaluated smartphone apps for the hybrid cars and controlling heating and air conditioning using a smart phone for Chrysler. Recently, HIDE has compared driver distractions using Google Glass and smartphones. HIDE also developed a health awareness app for Humana. HIDE has design and implemented a citizen-science app, Urban Heat Island app, for a scientists at the Arizona State University. The Urban Heat Island is an Android app that enables citizen to use a temperature probe with their Android and upload the geo-reference temperature. The Urban Heat Island is being used to study micro climate effects in Tempe, Arizona.


We are looking for industry sponsors from any discipline, especially companies who understand the value of good user experience and software development practices. Some of the great benefits of sponsorship include:

Initiating a sponsored project typically involves discussions to define your project ideas. We draft together a "Statement of Work." Michigan Tech's Corporate Development Office will work with us to formulate any necessary contract and IP rights agreements. There are several options for contracting and IP rights. Our Corporate Development Office has substantial experience dealing with such agreements.

During the actual project work, you can choose your level of engagement with the students. Bi- weekly half-hour conference calls have been previously successful in providing a satisfactory level of interaction for both clients and students.

If you are interested in sponsoring a project at HIDE, please contact me.


HIDE is looking for students who are self-motivated, hard-working, and are willing to learn. Although we split our enterprise into teams: Design (coming fall 2015), Development, and Evaluation, our enterprise involves the coordination of many different disciplines; Human- Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Software Engineering, Psychology, Statistics, Scientific and Technical Communication, Visual Design, and more!

Step 0: Getting to know us

HIDE's weekly general meetings are held from 5pm to 6pm in Rekhi 118. You should stop by! Say hello and check out what we are doing.

Step 1: Choosing the proper enterprise course

Your course choice should reflect your current class standing. If you have any questions, please direct them to your advisor. ENT##50 corresponds to the first time and ENT##60 corresponds to the second time you've taken an enterprise class during your associated class standing.

It is possible for some majors to replace senior design for several semesters of enterprise. If you're interested in doing so - please speak with your advisor.

Step 2: Registering for HIDE

If you need to have a waiver to register for the class, please pickup a waiver form from your adviser's office. Bring it to Rekhi 204 so that I, Dr. Robert Pastel, can sign it. Do not procrastinate!

CS Department majors: Please fill out this Google form to register Link to Google Form

If you have questions or difficulty registering, please contact me.